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New Profile Posts

  1. Penrod
    Penrod Bob
    I'm sure enjoying my renegade trailhawk in the Autumn of my life.
  2. HissyFit
    I was able to test the BU on a favorite trail, the height was enough, the 4 low worked great as did the hill descent
  3. Tibor Horvath
    Tibor Horvath
    2019 Jeep Renegade has check engine light on at 519 miles.
  4. Dave Schimanski
    Dave Schimanski
    Dave Schimanski would like to know of any Jeepers in the Juneau county, Wisconsin.
  5. Mark
    Mark Jeff Spiker
    Hi Jeff. I know this is a stretch, but is your avid 1.5 lift kit still available? Thnx
  6. Nano
  7. Charles B.
    Charles B.
    Our new Renigade, but this is the “baby” of our family...Papa is a 1987 Cherokee 4x4 Limited
  8. Rose
    Rose JeepCares
    how i get someone from jeep cares to call me??
  9. Wade Behm
    Wade Behm
    Rebuilding a 2018 Trailhawk for my daughter.
  10. Thomas Gallucci
  11. The Joys
    The Joys
    In Alaska driving to Texas 23rd Sept 2017
  12. ebatt62
    My first Jeep, and it's a 2017 Desert Hawk.
  13. Ruth
    3rd tank of gas, no spills, 31.8 mpg! 1000 miles, love it.
  14. Ruth
    Filled tank.. no spills!
  15. Susan
    We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one ~DW
  16. dk1677
    dk1677 Ruth
    Welcome to the forum! Congrats!
  17. Ruth
    Just bought my first Jeep.
  18. Dott191
    Broke her in (names Jazzy) on a trip from Ohio to Ocean City, Maryland. Sand, and torrential rains were no match for the 4x4 with the dial!
  19. EvilNerdLord
    Professional nerd, Cube dweller, and wannabe Evil Overlord just trying to make his way in the world as best he can.
  20. blkRene
    lets drive into the nite...