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11 warning lights and much more...

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New member, and to be honest, I’m only posting this so people can recognise the faults I had if they have a similar situation, and because the service I received from jeep and my dealership was so bad that I swore I would make an effort to spread this information.
Engine management light came on 11 times in one year (in warranty). Every time I took it in for repair, I asked for a report on what the issue was. Each time I was told it was ‘probably just an update’ or ‘we’ve sent the report to head office so you’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out’. Never got to find out what the error codes were until eventually I wrote to higher-ups to demand more information. Turns out it was the same code every time (P0420). Catalytic converter issue of some sort. Bad fuel mixture causing problems I believe, but I could be wrong. Independent mechanic also said it was burning a lot of oil, so it may have been that. Unfortunately it was too late by this point. The catalytic converter was ruined after only 14,000 miles. I was 1 month out of warranty by the time this was discovered, and the vehicle was kangarooing and not drivable. They then had the cheek to say it was all unrelated, and that the 11 identical fault codes were possibly unrelated to each other too. Seriously?? The repair bill was over £3000 and Jeep offered me a measly 10% discount and wanted extra money (around £300) for diagnosing the fault that they had ignored all this time. Disgraceful service from border cars dealership and Jeep themselves. I won’t fully get into the other issues I had, but they included missing welding causing flexing noises, faults with the media unit, faulty electric parking brake which wouldn’t disengage, and a battery that failed after the first year.
Such a shame, as the car was a dream car for me, and whilst not the most expensive for many people, for me at 27 years old, it felt like a very posh car. Forced to sell massively discounted and learnt my lesson. Will never deal with Jeep again, or Border Cars dealership (although border cars went into liquidation shortly after, funnily enough).
It was a 2015 1.4 petrol longitude model. Just in case you want to avoid that particular model, or lookout for these symptoms.
Other than that, I loved my jeep. Style and comfort were perfect for me, but I just need people to see this experience so they can be more prepared than I was, if they experience something similar within warranty.
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W E L C O M E ! ! ! to the forum.

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with your dealership, and with Jeep in general.

Check out this tread, it is a different forum but there is a contact there called "Jeep Cares", shoot them a PM with your issue(s), maybe they can help you with your problem:

or specifically:
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