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2015 limited 4x4

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Opted for the 2.4 automatic. Overall pretty happy with the car. Limited gets me the leather interior , remote start, heated seats.
MPG is spot on in good weather no winds. First road trip returned 30+ mpg (calculated) highway.
Only cons is transmission first to second gear when cold. About falls on its face , unless you just floor it from the start and power thru it.
Based on price comparison I think I did well for a SUV. Small , fun to drive , easy to park, decent ride quality.
I owned Subaru s before this. My 2011 Forester had a lot more road noise and seats were not as comfortable. Forester had more wind noise also.
Relative to high end SUVs , I think I did well. The wife loves it and so does my son.
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Sounds like you made a great choice! Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the Forum from Florida!
It's good to have you with us, thanks for joining.
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