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2016 Dawn of Justice

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Just got mine 3 days ago. Hopefully the mpg will get better after the break in period. I'm getting 19-22mpgs which is way below than what advertised.
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Iv'e got the 75th edition. Also working to break in the engine. I have the manual transmission and here's the thing.

I can match the published efficiency fairly easily, However I have to drive extremely conservatively to get it. (I'd say "drive like my Grandma" except that my Grandma grew up on a farm and so knows how to handle her car. ) I suspect, (like every car manufacture out there) Jeep has merely published the efficiency ratings at the top end of the envelope under "ideal" conditions, flat level nicely paved test track, and driving like "that guy" that we all hate to be behind. That's not realistic for me living in Alaska, rough/off-roads, mountain terrain and extreme conditions.

So you have a choice.

either drive like Jeeps test engineers did when the EPA was watching and get the fuel efficiency


Drive like a normal person and accept a slightly higher fuel bill.

As for me. while the published efficiency says I should be getting 24 city and 31 hwy. I'm going to accept the 22 to 24 mpg I'm getting combined hwy/city and enjoy my jeep. Besides its far better than the 14mpg I was getting on my commute with the '07 Durango my Renegade replaced.

the consolation is I suspect none of the other vehicles in the class get their published efficiency in the conditions I drive in either.
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Welcome from northern Nevada too. I've been running Jeeps since 1987. My granddaughter is still running the YJ. We have owned everything from Liberty to Commander to Grand Charokee and I don't think ever got anything over 18 mpg in the rigs. The Renegade takes a little gettng use to but gets about 25 mpg and is really fun to drive.
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