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I have a ticking noise that turns into a klanging sound and then starts to squeak like metal on metal, and eventually starts to shake the stearing wheel. It's progressively worsened over 10k miles. Started at 60k, just a tapping sound, and to bad to drive at 73k now. I've had it checked out a couple of times and no one can figure out what it is. Yesterday engine mounts were replaced. Auto shop said they were bad. I kept the old parts to compare. None were broke or worn out that I could tell. I have some video of it happening while driving after the engine mounts swap. Seems to only happen after about an hour of driving at highway speeds, and usually going up a hill. After that it's pretty continuous until I let it sit or 25-30 mph city drive. I'm totally at a loss here. Anything or anyone, that could help would greatly be appreciated.
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