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2022 Renegade 1.3T. Altitude Oil pan re-seal

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Hello forum, so I brought my Renegade 1.3 in yesterday for low-oil check and advise. Low-oil level confirmed.. No re-calls on the oil pump on this model year yet... Tech proceeded with to add a UV DYE inspection for seeping oil.. Oil was found to be coming from back of oil pan.. DYE was cleaned.. First two oil changes had been performed at this dealership "leak was never noticed".. Could removing the cover to verify leak not coming from rear main seal have a negative effect on the engine.. Is the DYE used harmful to the engine? Also, could driving around with a leaking oil pan have caused any damage to the motor? Now I need to return to have the pan re-sealed which takes three days to let the gasket adhere properly, followed by a complete oil change. I always trust the service advisors and technicians but sometimes I worry that doing to much unnecessary steps can be bad for the 1.3 and turbo
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Not the most pleasant experience as staff was using curse words between each other and seemed frustrated, sometimes I wonder if I should try to fix it myself =(
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