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Air Filter Shot at 18k Miles?

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I'm posting here because you generally check the engine air filter when doing an oil change. Valvoline Quick Lube was doing an oil change on my my new (to me) used 2017 Latitude. Showed me the air filter and said it was shot. At 18k miles?

I turned down their replacement, but when seeking out a replacement in my town, came up empty handed with all the major auto parts storesFinally found one on eBay and Amazon for a reasonable price. I used to be able to get 30k miles out of a filter.
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yea the stock/oem filter get fouled quickly as it has pre filter on it like some desile trucks mine was bad at 14k but live in central oregon so harsher eviroment so to speek i went kn and will clean every 3-4 k hope this helps but the oem filter will prevent any exsess dirt and things from entering motor as they know peeple with jeeps go places some dont
I have always gone with the 10k / 12 month replacement routine.
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