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AVID Snorkel, Rocky-Road Outfitter’s Kicker Rock Sliders, and Valkyrie Hood Vents

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I really wasn't going to install the snorkel. But, AVID offered it for free as a July 4th promotion when you bought one of their bumpers.

In an attempt to keep the engine's temperature down, I implemented a few changes/modifications.

With the addition of the AVID Front and Rear Bumpers, the Warn Winch, Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Sliders, oversized tires and a 4 inch lift, my little (not so little as far as Renegades go) 3573 pound Renegade is now tipping the scales at 4540 pounds, as driven daily, with driver (driver weighing in at a buck 65).

Mountain driving, pulling 7% (ish) grades for an extended period (more than 4 miles), I was getting a bit warm. 245 degrees on average, I even got a warning light once for getting hot at 252 degrees. If I pulled over and kept the jeep running at idle, it would cool down quickly, and I could continue on my way.

Step 1. More air in. The AVID front bumper doesn't allow for very much air flow, which is an important ingredient for keeping coolant temperatures down.

Next to the winch plate, I cut a pair of 3.5 inch holes (Nostrils), which happens to be in a direct line to the lower radiator. I will put some expanded metal in there eventually, I just want to make sure that I could get more air moving through the radiator.

... Notice the amber daytime running lights? Something that I read on the forum at one time and liked the way it looked. I apologies for not giving kudo's to the OP, but I can't find whom it was. Thanks for the tip, I love the way it looks.

Step 2. More air out. The air passes through the lower grill and the original bumper cover runs around the engine and then passes under the jeep. The engine is a natural restriction, part of an unavoidable design flaw. But it works, and works pretty well until changes is the original design upsets the outcome.

Valkyrie hood vents. Air in, through the radiator, in addition to the air running around the engine, it now has the ability to run over the engine and out of the hood.

… And it works. Coming to a stop at a signal light, I can actually watch the heat waves escape through the vents. THAT is cool (pun intended).

Running up the steep grade at 65 MPH, the Renegade doesn't get hotter than 225 (normal range for the Renegade). That is 25 degrees cooler then without the bumper and hood modifications.


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