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Bat Mobile Died

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I own a 2015 Jeep Latitude 4X4. There is about 3200 miles on it. Last evening my wife and I were watching our granddaughter play softball. We watched from the jeep but it was not running.

When I went to start it up to leave, it would not power on. Flashed a message that there was an airbag problem. Then a problem with the emergency break lock. Again when I pushed the start button, the temp indicator shot up to red zone and a warning that engine was hot.

I left it for about an hour and came back to try and start it. I even got under the hood and opened up the lid for the radiator fluid. It was full and cool.

Finally at about midnight, a tow truck hooked on it and had to drag it up their ramp as it would not go out of park and the wheels were locked up. By then he could not even power up the windows.

Got my attention for shure...
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