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Buttercup from Idaho

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Have had Buttercup for almost a month. So far no problems. Love the way it drives and looks.
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Awesome! Welcome to the forum! Let's see some pics of that thing!
Hey Idaho, welcome. Got my rig in Nampa. I had 23 years of great fishin up there...
Great to hear there are others near by on the forum. There are a few renegades running around town.

Here he is at the dealer. 13 miles on odometer, they had just finished the delivery inspection.

At his home

Today I put his angry eyes on.

Working on blacking out grill and logos.
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Here he is all blacked out. Need to go get the solar yellow touch up pen for the latitude logo and the jeep logo on tailgate.

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Nice contrast. Mine is all black and trying to find where I can get the batman badge for it. Getting the windows tinted as dark as I can by law and will have pics of it when that phase of add-ons is completed.
Where did you get all the black badging??? I love it!
Where did you get all the black badging??? I love it!
I used plastidip. It worked very nicely.
Looks great! Can you give us info on how to get the hood decal and the plastic dip?
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