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Change Oil message on dashboard

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Hope someone can help me. I have a new Renegade Trailhawk, 2017 model. I had the oil changed at the dealer at 5,000 km. I'm at 7,000 km now, and the change oil light has come on. Could this be a malfunction or should I change the oil again? This is the first time the light has come on. It didn't come on at 5,000 km but the dealer suggested that I have it done at this interval. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you.
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You should check and see if they reset the mileage
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You should check and see if they reset the mileage
Thank you. I'll contact the dealer who did the oil change.
You have to remind them to reset it as they do not do it as part of the oil change. Mine kept comming on even though I had it changed. At first the dealer said I must be driving in dusty conditions !!!!!! My driving conditions had not changed, all paved roads. As it turned out they were not resetting the oil change monitor.
Hope this is of some help
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