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Took delivery on my wifes new Jeep Renegade 4x4. I have 2 Grand Cherokees and replaced her Kia Soul! with the Renegade. You heard of the little old school teacher. She has been at Head Start since 1976. Her 2013 Kia had 50,200 miles. She loves the Jeep but we have a couple of questions.

1. The tire pressure is in bars and all the other guages are in U.S. Got car at 10 o'clock and called dealer at 2:30 and was told to look in the owners manual. Anu help?

2. Driving it back on I20 (70 to75 mph) in Dallas with the adaptive cruise turned on (ok I bought her a nice one), I could not get it in 8th or 9th gear. If I manually put it in 8th, it would go right back to 7th and seemed happy. Is this normal? Tach is 2250 and gas mileage showed 27.5 @ 75mph.

The thing that surprised me is the head and leg room in the Renegade. It is the first car in years that I had to push the seat up. The only real upset was the dealer stole the back 2 tires and put on a 2018 and 2017 tire on a 2021 car. I had a tire out of balance and took it to discount tire and was very suprised. Called dealership and Salesman and Sales manager did not return 4 messages.

But all in all, it is a great car and ordered 4 new tires for it.
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