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Electronic Parking Brake

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It came up on my dash yesterday(Service Electronic Parking Brake) It went away later that day Is this something I should worry about. As of this morning it is no longer there. But now I am afraid to apply my parking brake Can anyone help with this issue I would really appreciate any feed back Everyone stay Safe and enjoy the Holidays. THANKS
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My 2017 Renegade (now 77K miles) has been sporadically doing this practically since it was brand new. I've got the 1.4L 6-speed manual, Latitude package. It seems totally random, has happened countless times over the past 4+ years, and almost always goes away the next time I stop driving and turn off the engine. It ONLY happens while I'm driving. And once that light comes on I cannot use cruise control or 4WD. So it's been a drag a bunch of times but, like I said, if I turn off the engine and start it back up the warning light goes away. I've mentioned to multiple dealership service department managers and it's always been news to them.
Get it looked at asap. I had my 2019 Sport set so that it would set automatically and one day it just wouldn't release. I call the service guy at the dealer & asked if there was some kind of workaround to getting it released. There isn't and it had to be towed to the shop.
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