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Fuel top off, 10-20 wait!

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Make sure that when fueling with the "no cap" filler, you wait 20-30 seconds with the pump still in the tank before removing. DO NOT TOP OFF!
Had mine 5 days, the are replacing the tank, carbon canister and purge valve.
5 days owned, 5 days in the shop,,, hope this doesn't become a habit,,, :)
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Did the dealer provide any details on why?
seems to be a disaster waiting to happen - especially with a small fuel tank (I'd try to squeeze in as much gas as possible)
The dealer so far has been awesome, got a loaner car (a minivan) they are replacing the entire fuel system.
Ill keep everyone informed.
I never top off.When the pump stops,thats it.The reason, as stated above.Canister issues.......

Ended up being a bad fuel tank. I dont top off either, just close to full caused all my problems.
Ok the reason for the wait is the EVAP system on the capless system. The dealership I work with is educating customers on how to prevent this. Take it easy go slow, and give it time to settle. I personally would much rather see a traditional cap tank. I'm not sure if anyone will produce an aftermarket tank replacement
Ya get used to waiting the extra 10+ sec to take hose out, still better than the Wrangler JK's that don't shut off and spill gas everywhere!!
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