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Interior light for outside.

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When I am getting ready for work, I often find shelter under the lift gate, especially when it is raining. With the hours that I am working, I find myself getting ready in the dark; digging through my bin of gear, sometimes even trying to through a little polish on my boots.

Somebody on the forum had some pictures posted, off related topic, but I saw a light mounted on his lift gate… Kudos for the idea, I can’t remember where I saw who posted it, but thank you.

Now with my gate up, using a pair of flood lights, I no longer have to get ready in the dark.

I also relocated my license plates. The rear plate is wrapped around the corner panel, the pic doesn’t do it any justice. The front plate has been moved from on the grill to under the fair-lead.

And amber bulbs replace the dim lit daytime running lights.


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