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Looking for class 3 in-bumper hitch.

Discussion in 'Jeep Renegade Towing' started by Traig, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Apr 19, 2018
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    I've seen class 3 hitches for the Renegade that mount below the bumper facia. I don't care for the amount of clearance lost with that option so I'm looking for the in-bumper style that come from the factory. The problem for me with those is they are class 2 and rated for a 2,000 lb trailer or 200 lb tongue weight. We don't plan on towing as much as hooking up a rear cargo box. 200 lb is not that much especially if you get a box that swings out so you can open the rear hatch. That extra leverage is going to put more stress on the receiver. I saw a 3,500lb in-bumper receiver at the link below but have not heard anyone talk about it. Most people go with the Renegade Ready which is only a class 2 as is the factory one from what I can tell. This class 3 is listed for $236 and includes the bezel. the Renegade ready kit that has receiver and bezel is $499. Am I missing something? Does anyone have experience with the hitch shown below - part no. 82214135? I'm a little skeptical because it fits so many other Dodges and I can't find anyone who has installed one.


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