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Looking for class 3 in-bumper hitch.

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I've seen class 3 hitches for the Renegade that mount below the bumper facia. I don't care for the amount of clearance lost with that option so I'm looking for the in-bumper style that come from the factory. The problem for me with those is they are class 2 and rated for a 2,000 lb trailer or 200 lb tongue weight. We don't plan on towing as much as hooking up a rear cargo box. 200 lb is not that much especially if you get a box that swings out so you can open the rear hatch. That extra leverage is going to put more stress on the receiver. I saw a 3,500lb in-bumper receiver at the link below but have not heard anyone talk about it. Most people go with the Renegade Ready which is only a class 2 as is the factory one from what I can tell. This class 3 is listed for $236 and includes the bezel. the Renegade ready kit that has receiver and bezel is $499. Am I missing something? Does anyone have experience with the hitch shown below - part no. 82214135? I'm a little skeptical because it fits so many other Dodges and I can't find anyone who has installed one.
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Thing is, tying the added wiring with the rest of the info panel. Was unable to get a straight answer except that one ordered with the vehicle will have everything set up. Decided to trade in early and ordered a new Renegade Ltd with the hitch package to avoid problems. Bonus: the unit is covered under the vehicle's warranty!

For example, only one of the situations is discussed in the manual: "The operation of the rear sensors is automatically deactivated when the trailer's electric plug is inserted in the vehicle's tow hook socket, while the front sensors stay active and can provide acoustic and visual warnings. The rear sensors are automatically reactivated when the trailer's cable plug is removed."
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