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Maunual/auto oil differences

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The manual transmission works off standard conventional oil. Most dealer tanks are actually a blended conventional/synthetic 50:50. Depending on driving habits blended oils hold up for 3-5,000 miles.
The automatic transmission requirements are for full synthetic. Bear in mind while the cost for each change is usually higher you can go 5-8,000 miles between oil changes.
Do remember to check warranties, on required frequency of oil changes.
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9speed fluid is fill for life,unless otherwise trans replace/or leak repairs.
As for Engine oil Synthetic only 0w20 or 5w40.The 2.4 and 1.4 are oil pressure/lifter block controlled intake valves,this is very different from all the other vvt engines out there,you do not run blended or reg oil in these engines.This engine is very sensitive to oil weights and type.
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