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Missing Mopar Premium Interior - Black option package

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I just purchased a 2022 Limited with the Mopar Premium Interior - Black option package on the window sticker for $265, and it was not included on the car. It is supposed to have premium carpet floor mats and premium carpet cargo mat, as well as bright pedals. When I asked the dealer about it, they said that it did not come with the car and gave me a hard time. They offered to order the bright pedals for me and told me that the cheap stock floor mats were better than the ones that I should have received and they made an error (like they are doing me a favor). They also said that the cargo area is already carpeted (yes, that's called the floor, there is no mat). When I insisted that I would rather have what I paid for, they agreed to add an all weather cargo mat but wouldn't budge on the floor mats. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I thought if an option is on the window sticker, they are required to give that to you, yes? I paid for it, and the dealer actually paid the manufacturer for it too, so it seems like the dealer should be able to get it from the manufacturer at no charge, but they said that they will have to special order the pedals and cargo mat for me, and since they are being reluctant, it sounds like they are going to have to eat the cost for those. Any thoughts?
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