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My wife hit a buck going 55mph/90kmph

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Make no mistake this jeep is tough. My wife and TH absolutely annihilated a
buck going 55mph/90kph and the only damage it left was one piece of broken honey comb grill and pushed the fog light in a 1/8 of an inch inward. I was shocked and amazed, I took it for a look over by the dealership and they where just as shocked. I took a closer look under the hood and noticed the two massive steal bars that reinforced the bumper and sat horizontal on either side of the engine block. One thing I can say about the renegade is it's capabilities are always a pleasant surprise. Now my Wife and my Renegade has something in common, they both can take a hit and keep on truckn
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Good to know! Just looking at the front end you wouldn't think it could withstand that much as it appears to be all plastic. When washing and waxing mine, I thought that I wouldn't want to hit anything with it. ;)
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