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New To Jeep and Renegade

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I have had my Renegade "Dawn of Justice Edition" since the end of June this year and I love it! My last seven vehicles have been Subaru's--including a 2015 WRX which I traded in for my Renegade. I hope it can stand up to the Western New York winters that love to dump "feet" of snow on us.
The only mods I have done are installing a K&N panel air filter and a set of StreetGlow LED headlight bulbs...the stock lights(specially the high beams) were lousy!
I hope to learn more from those more experienced than me! :)
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Hello @badwolf13, Welcome to the renegade family! So glad you joined us! Please post some pictures-We love pictures! Congrats on the Renegade!!!
Thank You Jennay! I will post pics as soon as I get to take a few. :)
Hey! Welcome to the club! Thanks for joining us!
Hey! Welcome to the club! Thanks for joining us!
Thanks! WOW! this website seems quite dead compared to the other Jeep Renegade website.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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