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Happy Monday Renegade Fam! Just recently took delivery of my 2022 Stone Gray Jeep Renegade Altitude 4WD 1.3L after trading in my Glacier Metallic 2019 Latitude FWD 2.4L, and having previously owned a Black 2017 Latitude FWD 2.4L as well. First time going 4WD and First turbo model. I was concerned as I'd done just about every mod possible to my 2019 and only the Pedal Commander swapped over to the 2022, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the 1.3L's performance. I've currently got a home-made parts store intake (while my prototype unit is being manufactured) and the Pedal Commander installed and she's definitely no slouch. Currently have plans to add LED Headlights and Fog Lights, as well as a custom cat-back, Madness Auto-Flash, and Madness ECM. I'd love to get a downpipe made for her as well, but we'll see what fab looks like for that. I have a friend who's currently sourcing a billet wheel upgrade for the turbo as well, but I'm not sure if that's a worth while addition considering the boost level our turbos already produce. I have so many ideas, but they'll have to wait and see which ones in the end make sense and are viable. Ok, enough already... lol! Here's my lady. Remy 3.0

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