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OMG...All of my lights are out....

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I've had my Renegade for over a couple years now and this has happened just a couple times.
After starting all seems OK, then I make my first turn: Turn Signal is out.(Along with the Lightbulb Indicator) Stopping: Brake Lights are out. It is still somewhat dark out and I can see my lights are working. For every function that uses any lights: the Light is out. After arriving at my destination I check all my lights and everything is working fine, but I get notified that my lights are out.
After restarting later all is fine, no warnings, everything is working fine. I took it to the local dealer and they connected the the computer system and couldn't find any error codes or any other malfunction.
This hasn't happened often, but it does get my attention (especially when it says Brake Lights are out). It's a simple thing to verify that the lights are working just by checking for reflections in anything around, other cars, windows, etc. Just wondering if anyone else has had their "Lights go out"?
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2017 renegade. Yes it has happened 10 times since I have owned this car. When I drive it to dealership the problem has fixed itself and no codes are given..drives me nuts. Instead of them pushing extended warranties, the company should spend time fixing this problem since it seems the problem is becoming more of an issue as more owners are looking this problem up on the internet.
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