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Renegade Anniversary Edition replaces two cars in one

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Just purchased a '16 Anniversary Edition Latitude with most of the bells and whistles. Having to contend with three vehicles for over a year with parking space for only two, I needed to find an effective compromise and the Latitude replaces a JKU Wrangler Sahara and a Fiat 500 Pop (did love that little Fiat.) What amazed me was the trade-in they gave me on the Wrangler, as they gave me a full 50% of my purchase price even though the JKU was 8 years old (and really 9 as we took delivery in Oct of '07.)

Have a lot to learn about my Renegade but already finding features I'd been wanting in other cars (including the Wrangler) for decades.
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Congrats and welcome to the forum!
Almost 1000 miles in two weeks and so far only have one "complaint": It's not an issue so I'm by no means calling it a problem, but at highway speeds it likes to cruise at 1500 rpm for economy BUT waits a little too long to downshift for a minor grade, forcing it to downshift two gears when it could have gotten away with a single downshift earlier. Power is surprising considering all the supposedly poor reviews and by no means will I consider it underpowered.
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Hello Vulpine, I own a "North" Canadian response to "Latitude" and my previous vehicle was a manual. I was a little hesitant to buy an automatic but I am very happy with it. Consider that the computer that shift gears cannot "see" the road but tries to "feel" it and react to it. It takes at least half a second to downshift but what I do when I see a hill coming up, is look at the current rpm's asses if I want to keep my speed constant or accelerate move the stick towards my and downshift accordingly. The default programs keeps the engine rpm around 1500 most of the time to save fuel. Unfortunately our cars don't have a sport setting as the Cherokee's. Hope this helps (return it to automatic after the hill and repeat as necessary).
I do pretty much the same, Martin. Just finished a holiday trip so the Odometer is now over 3400mi. Worked some 'hills' Appalachian range on I-81 from Maryland to Tennessee and never had a complaint on steeper grades.
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