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Spare tire kit

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I was disappointed To see my Latitude did not come with a spare tire, just an inflating kit. If I buy the spare tire kit, will it fit under the rear cargo floor?
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Exactly what I'm trying to figure out too and I just got a 2019 4x4 so I thought that was kinda strange. The dealer was telling me I would be fine with the inflator kit but I'd like to have at least a temporary spare just in case. They told me it would fit in the space where the kit is but it appears there are several other items that came with the spare tire option. I'd like to make sure I've got them all so I'm trying to figure out what actually comes with it. Is it suppose to be a 16" for the temporary spare or is it suppose to match your rim size? I know there was a temporary spare option and a full size matching wheel option.
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