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Hi, I called myself a Jeep newbie, but that's not completely true. I was an antique (me and the Jeeps) CJ owner for years. I was looking for the oil change light reset for our Renegade and ended up here. Thank you again, the reminder was driving me crazy OK, OK, it was a short walk to crazy with no driving included.
Be that as it may, we needed something capable of driving 200 miles round trip a couple of times a month. It also had to handle our basic Vermont weather....aka blizzards with feet of snow, wicked cold for days on end, wind storms, heat waves, drought, and floods.
I saw the Renegade/Latitude on a lot a couple of days and stopped in on whim. I was hooked after the test drive, but I did a little thinking before we bought it.
I never made cheap money decisions quickly, much less buying a 2015 car in less than 24 hours. That said, we absolutely love our Jeep and kind of fight and/or race to the keys. Some things never change, now we're battling over who gets to drive, not the famous I drove last time so you need to....whimper/whine
Once again, Thank You for being here and even more for posting answers


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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