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I have a 2016 Renegade w/4wd that works just fine except when going past some Automotive Service Businesses. As we go past, the red gear appears on the speedometer display, and the beep sounds. The message "Service Transmission" shows up, then the message disappears while the red gear remains. Immediately following that, the message "Service Engine" appears and the yellow/orange 'engine' icon appears in the left display window.

If we park the Jeep and let it sit for about 15 minutes (but no less), the red gear disappears, but the yellow/orange engine icon remains for a few days, with the message "Service Engine" appearing every time the Renegade is started. After about 48 hours all of it stops, the engine icon disappears along with the "Service Engine" message. It all stops until we go past another Automotive Service business when it starts all over again.

This has happened multiple times over the past 6-9 months with no apparent negative affect to the over-all health of the vehicle. Has anyone else had this experience, or is it something that seems to be happening only in the North West section of Houston, Tx?
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