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Keep in mind, I am NOT building this little Renegade Trailhawk into a Hot Rod.

To be honest, the Renegade is about gutless. It gets around okay, but I live in the mountains and if you have too climb a hill for a minute, it takes some effort. Try passing somebody... if you don't plan it just right, it can be a bit scary.

NOW, add an additional 900-ish pounds of weight? i.e. Front Bumper with Winch, Rear Bumper, Rock Sliders, Lift Kit, and bigger Tires.

I want to add just a little bit extra. Give it the "poop" that it should have had from the factory, and make up for the added weight.

Nothing extreme, I am talking less than 8 pounds of boost.

As an example: 4 psi of boost will push the 180bhp to 180whp. Could you imagine having 180 usable Horse Power? weg I can.

One of my dilemma's was tuning.

A pre-programmed 'piggyback' computer module that would take the inputs from the Jeep's computer and ADD to those inputs enough to allow for boost by retarding the timing and adding fuel (and it does a few other little things).

My other dilemma was, how do I keep the snorkel?

I don't want to take away from something that has already been added (that and I had to cut a 3.5 inch hole in my fender).

… I was able to take the EuroCompulsion V4 Air Induction Kit made for the 1.4L turbo Renegades and incorporate it into my build.

And I have to admit, IT TURNED OUT NICE!!!

This is work in progress, but it's coming along.

… I'll keep you all updated.

I made an observation the other day. The last few miles heading home is all up hill.

I didn't realize how hot turbochargers got.

The two pictures were taken at night. The second to the last picture is with a flash and the last picture is without flash.

The hot side of the turbo is right at 900 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)(My research is showing me that turbines in most current production turbochargers are suitable for continuous operation at an exhaust gas inlet temperature of 1750°F (950°C)).

For the most part, anything under 1600 °F (900 °C) is normal.

But it sure looks hot... lol

Just thought I'd share.


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nice man let me know how that effects mileage and drive train components
I am still playing with the tune and boost.

At stock I was getting 24.4 mpg.

At 7.25 PSI, I was at about 19.1 mpg, but the 2.4 didn't like that much power. I could lock it into 4WD and smoke the tires effortlessly, and after a few seconds the jeep would cut the fuel. no fun.

At 5.8 PSI, I was about 20. mpg. If I get in it hard, with the ESP off, I could spin the tires but would still get fuel cut off at the top of the RPM range.

At 3.6 PSI, I'm still at 20-ish mpg and the jeep still has plenty of power. I am not afraid to pass somebody (if necessary, lol) in my little Renegade anymore, even with all of my additional weight.
I think that the 4 PSI range is going to be easier on the jeep anyways. It is still my daily driver, and winter (the snow) is coming.

I think that the Renegade like the 4 PSI range. I'll keep you all posted.
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