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Upland 4x4 AT tires and comparison

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Recent owners here of a 2018 Renegade Upland 4x4. Curious of how capable this model is compared to the trailhawk and latitude models. Stock tire size is 215/60/17 and considering the 215/65/17 wildpeak by falken... will there be any clearance issues?... bought this unit for my wife's primary transportation, and also to do some light trailing during the fall. We have outfitted it already with a rocky road outfitters winch bumper and skid plate, a 4500lb winch, and cargo rack up top, few other small things...any suggestions or experience would be helpful.
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In my opinion, the tires that come on our Renegades is garbage for type of offroad, heavy rain or in the snow driving.
You will be happy with the Falken Wildpeaks tires
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