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We're here!

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Here we come! Woohoo!
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Our dealership is getting in 1 Renegade around March 10th. We will be the first test drive in the area, and hopefully will be ordering a Trailhawk. (The other packages seem like a waste of money if you get 4wd they are very close to the TH price...) Hope it's everything they say and more.
Looking forward to seeing them in the lots.
I have been anxiously following this vehicle for the past year. Having owned a bunch of Jeeps in the past (5 XJ's, 1 YJ, 2 ZJ's, 1 KJ, and 1 JK), i am looking forward to getting one. I am going to wait a bit before getting mine however. I just picked up a vehicle a few weeks ago(my lease expired and i had to replace it), so i am going to wait for the initial new model insanity to settle down first. My brother works at a Jeep dealer, so i will pass on any info i get from him.
Looking forward to seeing these things in person.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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