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West Texas Newbie

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Hello all. Great forum.

I did a ton of homework and I feel the Renegade is the vehicle for me. It would be my first new car purchase as I have always bought used in the past. I feel confident in saying I want a Trailhawk.

I know this is vague, but any advise or recommendations on purchasing one. I have searched the local inventory and there a few options. I figure it is better to be vague and ask for advise than regret not doing so afterwards.
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Welcome to the forum! Thank you for joining the group!
I have some advice. If you buy, be aware that there are a lot of electronics on board. If you want a hitch buy it with one. If you hook up an aftermarket one, you have to take it to the dealer after hooking up the electrical. So they can put it on the machine for 200.00. My backup camera stopped working when I installed mine. Also the extended warranty will pay for itself, if you ever have a problem. Mine is a 2015 and I had to change out those cardboard tubes they called speakers.
I forgot to mention that the wheels are bolted on, not lug nuts. And there is no spare, just a can of fix a flat. But the tire hold takes an 18" rim and tire.
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