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What a difference new tire make!

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On a warm monday afternoon Rene went up on the jacks to have her tires swapped out. Being a 2016 TrailHawk with 32K miles one would think when the rubber hit the road the rubber would last longer than it did, but such was not the case as evidenced by (over the last year) each wheel has had a flat with nothing more adventurous than a drive down a dusty dirt road. In fact one corner has had TWO flats and another was leaking (again)...Ah the joy of street tires.
Now, the causal loafers are gone and the hiking shoes are on and laced up and she feels fresh, energetic and only needing that 'new car' smell.

The spare it turns out is a Falken Wildpeak H/T H101A, but the road tires are (or where) Kelly Edge somethings So some checking found that 215/65r17 is quite an unusual size with goodyear wrangler and the Falken Wildpeak being my best choice...if I went larger Diameter I loose my spare because large wouldn't fit the tub where it's stored, like wise if I went wider. I was thinking most likely the spare WAS original that came with her so I opted to stick with that.

No regrets, I feel ready now to drive across country to visit relatives and not worry if I can even make Reno NV from Sacramento CA.
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