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Wrangler to Renegade new member

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Just traded my 2006 Wrangler for 2015 Renegade
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That's a change for sure! How do you like it compared?
Welcome to the forum!
Hey cruisesinc. I traded a 2013 Wrangelr for my Renegade. ( probably for different reasons than you). New hip & knee hinders me from climbing in & out of the wangler. Hell I had only 3200 miles on it before the swap.
I'm getting to like the Renegade but missing the sportyness of my stick shift Wrangler .
Ride is sooo much nicer and wife likes the automatic .
I especially like the Blind Spot Alarm , Backup Alarm and the Lane Drift Correction .
The Wrangler had very little driving distractions . The Renegade dash has far too much info and
alerts infront of you , very distracting . Perhaps that is because it is all so new to us.
Yes, the Wranglers are still somewhat antiquated in the dash area. For better or worse. . .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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